Our Story - House of Hope

Truly a House of Hope

Originally our campus was  owned and operated by another organization. The 7 buildings on the 28 acre campus had fallen into disrepair dating back as far as 2004 when a hurricane blew out windows, damaged roofs and flooded part of the campus. Repairs to the buildings were not thorough and over the years the conditions continued to deteriorate to the point that some were near being condemned. All buildings on the campus needed renovation.

In Spring 2014, the owners advised us they were closing the program and walking away. The remaining residents had worked hard to move forward out of addiction but had not yet completed the program. There was much concern for the lives of the men in the program who had no where to go and no one to support them.

The staff of House of Hope contacted the Helping Hands ministry of New Covenant United Methodist Church in early 2014. While Helping Hands already had projects underway, they suggested Hope Lutheran Church in The Villages might want to get involved. The opportunity to serve and help people in their own community was welcomed by the congregation at Hope Lutheran Church. A committee was formed and it was decided that the Print Shop, building #3 would be repaired.

An army of volunteers from Hope Lutheran, the community and men of House of Hope completely renovated the Print Shop. Local contractors donated their time and materials to repair the roof, stucco, and HVAC. Since 2014 the volunteers have moved on to renovating the dormitories which will increase the number of men that can be served.  The dining hall and kitchen and gathering area in building #2 was the next building to be renovated. The dedication of the volunteers has been overwhelming. As of 2017 all four buildings have been remodeled and renovated and are now in use by staff and men. Building #4 is the latest one to be completed, and this is occupied by the Chapel for the students and the administration offices.



To sum up the sentiment of one of the volunteers,

"I have volunteered there since early in the spring of 2014 and this is the most satisfying volunteer experience I have ever been involved in."


4738 NE 49th Boulevard in Wildwood, FL 34785
House of Hope is easily accessible from the Florida Turnpike at Route 301