Program Policies

Program Policies Make a Difference!

Each person will complete a thorough screening process prior to admission to the program and the requirements and expectations of the program will be presented. The majority of the individuals who come to us have already tried other methods of change and that is the reason for coming to House of Hope- they want to give God's way a try. His determination will eventually help him to go all the way.
If the individual shows no motivation, he is counseled and, if possible, referred to another program which better suits him or invited to return when he is ready to give our program a real try.

Basic Requirements

  • No Smoking  Through experience, we have found that is usually the "small hang-ups" which an individual brings to the program that usually prevent him from making any progress.
    • Smoking is a habit and like drugs, it can bring physical harm.
    • Once an individual acquires victory over smoking, he begins to believe that he can now perhaps begin to make progress with his drug problem.
    • It is important to get the individual to ask of himself why he smokes or uses drugs.


  • No Vile Language or Talking about Drugs   If a person wants to change his ways, he has to change his vocabulary.
    • He has to learn there is a better and more appropriate way to communicate with the rest of the world
    • If he continually talks about drugs, he could possibly be tempted beyond his control.


  • Staff Members are to be treated with Respect  Sometimes an individual feels that because a staff member is an ex-drug addict he does not deserve the same respect as other staff members
    • In the future they could possibly be in the same position.
    • This rule is enforced to the utmost.


  • No Visits, Phone Calls, nor Writing or Receiving Letter for the First Month
    • The less contact the individual has with anyone for the first month, the greater his chances of staying with the program.
    • Only his immediate family is allowed to visit or call.


  • No One is allowed off the Premises without Supervision at any Time
    • The only time that he is allowed to leave the premises is with a staff member.
    • Protects the other individuals in the program
    • Assures those living around us that we are responsible people.
    • Passes to go home are not given until they advance to the second-phase program.


  • Personal Hygiene  Many of the men have never shaved, showered, had a haircut regularly, or dressed properly. Now they learn how it feels to be clean and well dressed and eventually they want to stay that way.
    • Everyone is expected to shower and shave regularly
    • Dress properly for every occasion.
    • Students are given a modest haircut when they arrive and are never allowed to let it grow long while in the program.
    • Experience teaches us that for them, this could be the greatest investment they make.


4738 NE 49th Boulevard in Wildwood, FL 34785
House of Hope is easily accessible from the Florida Turnpike at Route 301