Support an Event

Organize a Third-Party Event

Your effort to create a positive impact at House of Hope and the surrounding community is what keeps us moving towards the future.  Third party fundraising events are a wonderful way to raise awareness, support, and compassion for House of Hope, while networking with friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

We welcome your passion and creativity in creating a better, brighter, future for others. When exploring options for a third party fundraiser, think about what you and your friends enjoy doing and how fundraising can be blended into that activity.

Event Examples Include:

  • Hosting a dinner party and asking your guests to make a donation to House of Hope instead of bringing a dish
  • Planning a garage sale
  • Organizing a neighborhood car wash
  • Selling arts, crafts, or jewelry
  • Hosting a bake sale
  • Planning a golf outing
  • Organizing a bowling tournament


    House of Hope CAN provide:

  • A gift recognition letter noting a charitable donation to the event organizer for total event proceeds
  • Event ideas and success stories of other community fundraisers

    House of Hope CANNOT provide:

  • State Tax exemption for event related purchases
  • Gift recognition letters noting a charitable donation to individual contributors unless the gift is made out directly to House of Hope
  • Insurance or liability coverage
  • Funding or reimbursement for expenses
  • Mailing list of donors or vendors

    The possibilities for third-party fundraising events are endless..
    As a reminder, House of Hope's role in the project must be agreed upon before the event/campaign begins.

To request information on how you can volunteer for an event, please call us - (352) 748-0338


  • For additional information please email or phone 352-748-0338 and ask for the finance office.


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